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We have restored many old houses in Iwami Ginzan. In our restoration projects, we feel that we have somehow been guided by the houses themselves. By creating dwellings and thinking carefully about lifestyle, we aim to show the value of inheriting the history created by our ancestors.


Abeke House

It took us 13 years to restore this 227 year old samurai house. Today, it functions as Takyo Abeke guesthouse.

Hinaya (Not a commercial facility)

With a desire to recreate not only the house but the lifestyle itself, this thatched-roof house was dismantled and brought from Hiroshima to Shimane, where it was reconstructed. It is the symbol of our company.

Mujyaku-an (Not a commercial facility)

Mujaku-an is a place where people can gather and talk in the soft glow of candle light. It was here that the concept of Gungendo was born. The concept behind this house is to remove modern conveniences in oeder to heighten your senses and appreciation for what you already have. Inside, you'll find no electriccity, no running water, nor gas stoves.

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This is the first building we restored, with the belief that one day a time would come when people would value this abundant, rural atmosphere.


This early Showa period house stands between modern apartments. It was restored by local craftsmen from the Iwami area.

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