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Our Philosophy - Life with Roots

ABOVE: The town of Omori/BELOW: Our head office

Gungendo is located in Omori-cho, a historic town nestled in the hills of Oda City, Shimane Prefecture, Japan. Now a World Heritage site, Omori-cho prospered as a silver mining town from the 17th to the early 20th centuries.

With the decline of the silver mine, the townsfolk left to seek work elsewhere and the population began to fall. The current population of Omori-cho stands at just 400. It is in this small town that we continue to live and grow, guided by our philosophy of “life with roots”.

Our ideal lifestyle is like that of a tree - putting down roots which spread through the land, standing firm and growing slowly. Enjoying our daily lives as we take root in the land, pursuing long term goals and having a positive influence on those around us. This is our philosophy.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a way of life which incorporates food, clothing and dwellings that can be passed down to future generations. Through our work we strive to preserve the locality, inspire our customers and bring joy to our staff.

Our Vision

That everyone involved with us will have pride in their hometown, and live a life that inherits past traditions, is filled with joy in the present and looks to the future.

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The traditional skills of craftsmen which flourished throughout Japanese history are slowly disappearing as the demand for efficiency fuels industrialization. Compared to modern methods, the traditional techniques appear to lack efficiency. However, it is in these traditional skills and techniques that we find true value. We aim to create clothing with materials created by such craftsmen, which perfectly complement a lifestyle of simplicity. Read More >>>


We may not have a top chef at our establishments, but we spare no effort when it comes to creating delicious food. Sitting around a dinner table filled with warm conversation and laughter is the perfect way to enjoy a meal. We aim to bring what used to be commonplace in the home back into our daily lives. Read More >>>


We have restored many old houses in Iwami Ginzan. In our restoration projects, we feel that we have somehow been guided by the houses themselves. By creating dwellings and thinking carefully about lifestyle, we aim to show the value of inheriting the history created by our ancestors. Read More >>>


Borrowing the power of the “Umehana-Koubo Yeast” that grows within the plum blossoms of Iwami-Ginzan, the beauty and health benefits of a life harmonized with nature are made apparent. Read More >>>

Gungendo Flagship Store

Ha 183 Omori, Odashi, Shimane, Japan

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This is the first building we restored, with the belief that one day a time would come when people would value this abundant, rural atmosphere.
Relax and enjoy rich, nutritious soup and sweets made from seasonal ingredients while looking out over the beautiful flowers in the garden. Gungendo Store Infomation >>

*Gungendo flagship store is CLOSED on Wednesdays

Corprate Profile

Iwami Ginzan Seikatsu Bunka Kenkyusho Corporation

Address: Ha 183 Omori-cho, Oda City, Shimane Prefecture, Japan
Telephone: (+81) 0854-89-0131
Chairman: Daikichi Matsuba
President: Tomi Matsuba
Established: 1998
Capital: ¥48 million

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